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Since 1998, FRE Resources has been providing first-class real estate solutions for the customer service industry. A specialist in fast-track development and construction, FRE is committed to aggressive schedules with no margin for error. Our clients include national companies who depend on our ability to anticipate and overcome the unique challenges associated with building high-density and computer-intensive communication facilities.

As a strategically-focused firm, FRE Resources can handle all of your facility needs related to the demanding process of opening new, relocating or expanding operations. FRE will ensure that the process is completed as efficiently, expeditiously and cost effectively as possible. While working on a negotiated fee (cost-plus) basis, FRE becomes part of your team, able to travel anywhere to open a new facility, thereby saving money, time, and resources.

Considering the expertise, cost and time savings FRE Resources offers, we ensure the greatest value when you absolutely have to have it built right the first time.