Firm Overview

FRE Development

FRE Resources offers specialized assistance in the development of customer service centers, back office facilities, and data centers. FRE is equipped to provide development services when you are looking to expand or open new facilities in emerging domestic markets when speed and quality are required.

Our inclusive business approach allows us to focus on a comprehensive and cost-effective real estate solution to meet your budget and schedule expectations. FRE provides unparalleled knowledge of tertiary markets and construction expertise, allowing us to offer a seamless process from development to occupancy.

FRE Resources offers distinctive experience in the customer service center, general construction and real estate industries. Much of that experience was gained from working on the client side, gaining an understanding of client needs as well as what is expected from a developer. Timing is critical and milestone dates must be met in order to ensure successful project completion. Because this industry is time sensitive and often requires aggressive schedules with no margin for error, availability of real estate becomes important to a client’s decision making process.

We also understand the importance of market demographics and labor statistics when choosing a community.  Based on our industry specific experience, we know that design effects productivity and your bottom line. Throughout the development and construction process, you deal with decision makers, creating one point of contact for all of your needs. Whether you are looking to expand current capabilities or relocate to a new facility, allow FRE Resources to become a part of your team and help you find the perfect solution. Whether you are looking to expand current capabilities or relocate to a new center, allow FRE Development to join your team and help find the perfect solution.